rape, murder and infidelity, oh my!

husbands have property rights in their wives' bodies. and no, we're not talking about husbands in the dark ages. great article linked there about spousal rape- its prevalence and the shameful way it's STILL prosecuted in many states. (the article doesn't even begin to address the issue outside of the u.s.)

that protective order really worked, huh? the murdered woman did everything right. but she's still dead.
i wish i could personally look women in the eye and really make them hear and believe me: he DOESN'T love you, he WON'T stop hurting you, and you should NOT, under ANY circumstances, take your abuser back.

jeez, sanford
just can't shut up. it would be funny if it wasn't so disgusting and (of course) degrading to his wife. i hope she pitches him.


Elizabeth said...

But she won't, of course, because for some reason women can't learn to ditch the losers.

MED said...

Hey Carolynn,

It's Mark Donaldson. I love to play the Devil's Advocate so I wanted to ask you two questions. Please don't take them personally. You know me.

1) How do you feel about what Bill Clinton did by cheating on Hillary?

2) How do you feel about John Edwards and how he cheated on his wife? Remember, he was running for President and his staff said nothing about the affair.

Carolynn said...

Hi Mark!

I think both of your examples fit the same descriptors: disgusting and degrading.

I personally don't feel that the moral imperative here is to resign or step down from the political position. I think the moral obligation is to their wives...the men in question all broke trust. Sanford's example is simply the most recent train wreck of a spectacle, making things even worse for his wife and family because of his antics.

Don't worry- this stuff is definitely personal for me, but I always welcome discussion!