president obama declared april sexual assault awareness month. here are a few timely items intended to increase awareness:

more reporting about the high sexual assault/rape statistics in the u.s. military. now, correct me if i'm wrong- but isn't the military the most highly restrictive, regimented, rules-based, you-don't-scratch-your-you-know-what-unless-you're-told environment we have in the u.s.? so, if that's true, my opinion is that the only way military rape can be so prevalent is if it's expressly encouraged. whether it's encouraged through "male comradarie", or whether it's encouraged through the obvious difficulty a victim knows they will have to endure if they report their assult...either way- there is nothing left to chance, or to personal interpretation in the military. you do what you're told, and only what you're told, period. so somehow, people are being told sexual assault is ok. 

update on a story we previously read- a saudi judge repeats his ruling that an 8-year old girl married off to a 47-year old man has no grounds for divorce. there just isn't much more to say about that. 

oh, haven't you seen the trailers for that new seth rogan movie Observe & Report!?!? It looks so funny! 
except the part where the girl he takes home passes out while they're having sex and he basically just shrugs and keeps on keepin' on. 
date rape is HILARIOUS. 

afghan cleric says the world's outcry against his law is simply meddling. silly foreigners- demanding sex from your wife every 4 days unless she is ill (i can't wait to see how many illnesses are invented after this law is passed, though- women are smarter than this guy thinks!) is a man's fundamental right, and any attempt by a wife to assert her own opinion on the subject is (will be) illegal. 

you know how they say chocolate is an aphrodesiac? rapists turn even the most benign activities into cause for women to fear. this poor girl never dreamed, working in a chocolate shop at niagara falls, that she'd have any possible reason to worry about sexual assault. but that ingenious 17 year old boy found a way to make it happen. brilliant. always keep 'em guessing, right guys?

another place you wouldn't think you'd need to worry, ladies? high school. but you'd be wrong.

and finally- not related to sexual assault, but generally related to to the pervasive and systematic repression and just-plain-ignoring-of-anything-related-to-women -that-does-not equal-sexiness: 
doctors are failing to diagnose thousands of women and girls with aspergers syndrome, a form of autism, because until now, the prevailing view of the way this syndrome presents symptomatically is based solely on boys' presentation. 
well imagine that. something in our society is geared solely toward men, or oriented only toward the way it will affect men, with no regard for the affect on or relation to women? shocking. 

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