how do we even manage to go about our days?

with all the cosmetics, surgeries & procedures, fashion do's and don'ts, airbrushing, lose-20-lbs-quick diets & fads, and the general sentiment that no matter what- women are never good ENOUGH...

i'm exhausted. well, tired is more accurate: sick and tired. 

Faith Hill's 'Redbook' Cover Airbrushing pisses folks off (note: adult language in the linked article)

best line from those articles, which pretty much sums it up:
"It primes little girls to think they should diet and dream about the cosmetic-surgery options available to them, and it makes body the primary place for self-identity."

if my, your, our bodies are the primary place from where our self-identity stems, then we're much more easily persuaded to BUY BUY BUY and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. but, if (*gasp*) our self-identities actually stem from our: 
hard work, 
goals, and/or 

well, then.

i guess we don't need to buy anything, or go on a diet, or get a boob job, or wear something we don't want to wear...
and i guess we're just fine the way we are, aren't we? 
and i guess we deserve equal rights because we are equally human. hmm. 

look how easy that was. 


Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I really don't understand why magazines bother to airbrush anymore, with the accessibility of paparazzi shots - except that they have a completely unrealistic worldview to promote.

And, seriously? It always makes people look a LITTLE bit like aliens. I mean, Oprah? did not look right on that Vogue cover. scary.

Carolynn said...

i know! and hadn't oprah just said she gained all kinds of weight- so, um, who's gonna beleive that she actually was that skinny already? it's so pointless, and yet so insidious.

Christina said...

I am proud and excited to see your opinion and passion out here for all of us to enjoy! Thank you!