"crisis pregnancy centers" purporting to talk to scared young women about their "options" just get on my nerves.

not only do they not actually TALK to women honestly about all their options, they also WITHHOLD proven options for reducing unintended pregnancies: birth control and condoms. these CPC's are the worst example of misrepresentation and misleading advertising. many are not medically licensed in any way, but make it seem as if they're giving medical advice/information.

organizations like this one: http://www.togetherforyouth.net/ are the ones really making a measurable impact in reducing unintended and teen pregnancies. and they're doing it *comprehensively*. their message includes ALL options- abstinence (being the ONLY fail safe method of pregnancy and std prevention), birth control, condoms, and the full spectrum of women's health resources.

in my community, there are two organizations that call themselves CPC's, but which do NOT provide full, accurate information about women's rights and options: birthright, and alternatives. women should know what to expect when going to these centers for help. if you share their worldviews, by all means, go to them. (truly!) my point is simply that women should know what to expect.

i encourage anyone who has questions, or concerns about their reproductive health to visit planned parenthood. when i was young, nervous and didn't know who to turn to, they were warm, welcoming, informative and very very helpful. frankly, i credit the dedicated staff of my local planned parenthood in large part for my life as it is today. without them, i could have gotten pregnant during my young, short marriage, and my life would have been unrecognizable from today.

this is not a very p.c. or popular thing for women to say (still!), but i'm going to say it:
i love my life today, and i'm so glad i didn't get pregnant at a young age.
ALL women should know and have access to the OPTIONS to control their own lives. men get to.

*edited to add: spot-on analysis of the dangers of the virginity movement and especially all the funding that was funneled to it during the previous administration.


and on another note:
"certain rights, in certain instances, by certain agencies..." ~ Rep. Tammy Baldwin being very frank on the Rachel Maddow show tonight, re: President Obama's executive order to extend some benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.

doesn't sound to me much like "the Blessings of Liberty"
"unalienable rights- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"


Elizabeth said...

I used PP when I was at UNI and you are right - they were wonderful. I always encourage young girls to check out their services, because they offer an invaluable service to their community.

Elizabeth said...

OH - and, did you see Rachel Maddow last night on Charlie Rose? GREAT interview - I bet it's somewhere on the net if you missed it.

Carolynn said...

no, i didn't see it! i'll check it out, thanks!