feminists in iran

iranian women are protesting side-by-side with the men, calling for justice. their calls, however, echo even louder in my ears, because while there are certainly general rights for all people that are of importance to all the protesters... at least the men don't have to fear forced marraiges, strictly enforced "modesty" regulations, caps on the numbers of them who can attend university, and unemployment based on their gender. mousavi is most certainly the lesser of two evils in this case, and women's lives will not transform over night if he were in power, but liberty will never come under ahmadinejad's zealously patriarchal thumb.

these women inspire me.


Elizabeth said...

Here's an interesting take on the forced marriage issue by a woman who considers herself a feminist and a Muslim...


Carolynn said...

this is where i wish i could understand better- how can this contradictory statement sit with people:

forced marriages – they are wrong, against Islam, and it’s wrong that people use Islam to excuse it when it’s a cultural practice. But he also says that as a Muslim, you are to submit to the will of God and follow the rules and one of those rules is that Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men.

so the rules are wrong, and against islam, but you should submit to them anyway? that's the part that gets me. very interesting debate.