a post about football (yes, really! sort of.)

i hadn't planned on cheering for the saints in the big game (frankly, i hadn't given it any thought at all). but i believe i shall, now!

Scott Fujita shows us all how to be respectful, support equal civil rights, AND a be great linebacker, all at the same time! (via Jezebel) not your usual testosterone-y triumverate.

thoughtful analysis of class-related nuances to reproductive rights? CHECK.

speaking out publicly and in the locker room on issues that have the potential to be viewed as gendered (aka breast cancer is a women's disease) and/or effeminate? CHECK.

choosing to play for the saints in post-katrina new orleans, and use his "small platform as a professional football player" because he believes life is about MORE than just football? CHECK.

well-played, Mr. Fujita. well-played indeed. allies show up in the most unlikely places sometimes. go saints!


Elizabeth said...

SO your feed has been broken in my reader for a while - sorry I've been missing posts. Don't worry, I've fixed it.

Also, as much as it pains me that you choose NOT to cheer for the Colts tomorrow, I fully support your reasons for rooting for Mr. Fujita. If they weren't playing my boys, I'd probably root for them, too. =)

Carolynn said...

it's ok- there haven't been that many posts lately to miss!

and to be honest- when i wrote this yesterday i was thinking...hmm...now WHO were the saints playing again? WHO have i just decided NOT to root for? and i couldn't think of the answer right away.

shows how much i've been paying attention! :)