Women in the World Cheat Sheet

this is so great, and i love how they've called it a cheat sheet. for any time you need to quickly remember the way to solve problems for women (which become problems for men, of course)-

here are the ways to do it, clear and simple:

1. Get men on board
2. Pay families that embrace change
3. Publicize victims' stories
4. Support a woman entrepreneur through microcredit
5. Give a woman a phone
6. Build bridges

none of these are difficult strategies, or earth-shattering ideas. they make sense. give women a voice, access, capital, and support. period.

this cheat sheet needs to be on every senator & representative's desk, on every president, prime minister and world leader's agenda. voila! treating women equally leads to equal opportunities, which leads to healthier communities.


Elizabeth said...

I love the microcredit idea - Kiva is such a cool idea. I've browsed around the website before, but now am pretty sure I'm going to actually participate. How amazing that $25 can make such a difference in someone's life.

Carolynn said...

it's so true- really the wave of the future for philanthropy, except that it's a total throwback of course. one person helping one person at a time.