european highlights

24 years of captivity, rape, assault and slavery. but he's only "partly guilty." check out the potential sentences by the way- does anyone else think they seem ridiculously short? i don't care what the typical sentence is- this guy shouldn't ever see the light of day again.

scotland yard decided not to investigate over 400 rapes. they're hard cases to wrap up, you see, because so many of them involve drugs or alcohol, or because the victims can't remember every detail. so, obviously, the victims deserve to be victimized again (by not having their rapes believed or investigated), just because the police are trying to make their conviction rate look better. if we don't even classify the rape complaints as CRIMES, then it makes our crime rate look even better!!
i don't know about you, but this tells me exactly how crimes against women are really viewed. inconsequential. "just rape". easily ignored. which once again makes me wonder- what if rape were a crime against men, and it were happening at the rate that the rape of women is happening? death row would be overflowing.

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Elizabeth said...

yeah, it's scary to me what really bad things people can do in some places in europe, and be free members of society again really really fast.