1 or 2 weeks out of the year

part of me loves the idea of women's week...or black history month...or mentoring day, or any of a number of awareness dates on the calendar. 

but the other part of me just riles right up and says "WHY DO WE NEED A DAY/WEEK/MONTH TO REMEMBER  HOW IMPORTANT OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS ARE, and how much care and compassion we owe one another, and how, um, MORAL and RIGHT it is to simply treat each other with respect???


a few highlight articles as we 'celebrate' international women's day soon (march 8). 

the british warn that women will face the violent effects of economic stress. surprise surprise. women *always* bear the brunt of the world's stress.

canadian editorial on the interesting backlash ("interesting" is code for insidious, partriarchal and systematic) against those who continue talking about violence against women. 

it's sad, but also about time, that violence against women is classified as a hate crime. what else could it possibly be? go NY. 

an international women's day letter to the editor from the soloman islands. (they're just north of australia, and according to amnesty international, they have high rates of domestic violence...)

just to reiterate- violence against women is EPIDEMIC in scope. it is unnacceptable. women live with daily violence because they think they have no recourse- it's "just the way things are". i do not accept that. i hope more women refuse to accept that. 

give $20 to your local women's DV shelter. 
volunteer for a rape crisis hotline. 
post a status or comment on MS or FB about international women's day. 
do SOMETHING to show your support for equal rights for women... which means: the equal right to live a life free from systematic abuse. 

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