when you least expect it

"Let’s imagine for a moment that you are like most Western women, and have been assured that you are entitled to certain human rights under the law. Let us further imagine that — although, sure, you’re aware that women do more housework than men, and get paid less, and are less likely to hold public office, and stuff like that — you have more or less believed that you’ve got it pretty good compared to women living under other regimes. Let us then imagine your surprise when, one fine day, you discover that it is all a lie. The misogyny you have been hearing so much about has actual, personal consequences right there in the local pub. Your humanity has been called into question right in front of you, and everybody thinks it’s hilarious." -- Twisty Faster *

what prompted this genius commentary? this t-shirt. twisty's reaction is so right on- a stupid t-shirt is not just a stupid, offensive, disgusting t-shirt. it's a symptom of the underlying terminal illness (i.e. partriarchial repression of women).

*Link to Twisty's blog, which includes profanity

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