Smart girls are scary


Otherwise, why would men be so determined to keep girls dumb??? This make me sick to my stomach. What ultimate arrogance, what disgusting logic, what horrific pain.

Afghan Girls vow to attend school after having acid thrown on them http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/01/22/acid.attacks/index.html

Because they were going to *school*. It does.not.make.sense. I am willing to give a lot of folks a lot of leeway when their religious beliefs dictate actions I don't agree with, but this kind of thing is so anti-EVERYTHING I believe to be right and true. I can't even comprehend the mind that would consider doing this. This makes me want to scream, cry, protest- make everybody wake up and see what women go through, every day, all over the world. how can this even be possible? But it's so much more than possible. It's reality, and it's undeniable. These young women are the real heroes.

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