the round-up

headlines today:

CIA station chief drugs and rapes muslim women at u.s. embassy in algieria
(isn't an embassy supposed to be a safe place?)

bank of england advises female employees not to dress like prostitutes
("No-nos include ankle chains – professional but not the one you want to be associated with, "- seriously?)

that lovable (sic) idiot will ferrell stages broadway play in which condi rice is depicted giving GWB a lapdance---and (of course) she "steals the show".
(but not before the show steals her dignity)

there's nothing like super bowl ads to bring out the best in us as americans
(aka isn't it funny to imagine stripping women of their clothes, and transporting them to an unknown location against their will!)

the lily ledbetter law isn't REALLY good for america
(because exposing and dealing with discrimination in the PAST is just a waste of time/sour grapes/going to hurt a lot of good business owners... except that, it's not about you, mr. good business owner, it's about the WOMEN who were paid less than their due all these years!!!)

but anyway- don't expect the ledbetter law to actually make any real DIFFERENCES in our lives...because the equal employement opportunity commission (eeoc) has a backlog of 73,000 cases. good luck.

and, thanks to my pal L, the icing on today's cake.

10-year old divorcee from yemen
i mean, would that we could ALL have the courage and the flippin' EGGS to do what this girl did. (and as if i needed another reason to love her, she even knows how to put inane reporters in their place! "Nujood sat back in her chair, crossed her arms and said bluntly, "I no longer think about marriage."")

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