ending violence step by step

kevin powell gained fame in the early 90's on MTV's first season of 'the real world'. i think i vaguely knew that he was doing speaking/motivational work nowadays, but i did not realize what his message was. if you ever saw him on the real world, you will notice a marked change in his tone between then and now. this article is worth a read.


high points:

"Violence against women and girls knows no race, no color, no class background, no religion. It may be the husband or the fiancé, the grandfather or the father, the boyfriend or the lover, the son or the nephew, the neighbor or the co-worker."

"even if you are not the kind of man who would ever yell at a woman, curse at a woman, touch a woman in a public or private space without her permission, hit or beat a woman, much less kill a woman--you are just as guilty if you see other men and boys doing these things and you say or do nothing to stop them."

"we need to challenge those men who bring up the fact that some males are the victims of domestic violence at the hands of females. While this may be true in a few cases (and I do know some men who have been attacked or beaten by women), there is not even a remote comparison between the number of women who are battered and murdered on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis in America and the number of men who suffer the same fate at the hands of women."


Elizabeth said...

Even when I totally did not agree with his message, I could tell that he was a good guy. Kudos to him!

Carolynn said...

yeah, that's how i felt too! what parts did you have trouble with?