T-minus one hour


In about an hour, the reign of terror will end, and we'll be able to say President Obama. In the spirit of full disclosure, I had hoped to be able to say President Hillary Clinton, but I'm on board at this point. My hopes are just as high as so many of my fellow americans'. What I plan to do with this blog is demonstrate the truth of the war against women. I hope that a year from now, two, four years from now, the headlines will be different. I hope that the Obama presidency IS able to unite this country, and bring more stability to the world. But I also hope that this adminsitration will use its powers for good- to challenge unjust laws, beliefs and practices that harm so many women, worldwide, every single minute of every day. It's not a coincidence that Hillary didn't get elected, and I hope that President Obama recognizes the insidiousness of sexism just as clearly as he recognizes the menace of racism. They are linked, and his daughters' (and all our daughters') very lives depend his recognition of that linkage. Will he limit womens' rights, or expand them? Will he do what's right for the nation and the world, or will he bow to wealthy interest groups? Will he rise above the -isms? Will he work to END the -isms? I hope, I hope, I hope.

14 year old girl goes out for a jog and never returns.

Well dressed predator attacks two young girls in NYC

Are you kidding me? "About Michelle Obama's Dress"

And yes, I understand that it was Mr. Obama we elected, not Michelle, but is this necessary? "Her approval ratings have soared since she refocused her image on her role as a wife and mother, "

Outrage at "busty" virgin mary models- what's more outraging? That someone would dress up like the virgin mary? or that the virgin mary had a bust?

Oh yes, it's unfair to the GIRL to say that a 10year old child can't be married. I'm sure that's exactly what she truly wants- to marry a man 3 times her age. Or, maybe she actually just wants safety and protection from being raped by her old husband. And how charitable of him to agree NOT to rape her until she reaches puberty. I mean, what's the point, if he can't impregnate her?

Just another woman being attacked. No biggie. (Apparently not to the man who walked by her without stopping as she lay dying on the sidewalk.)

Surprise, Surprise- women and children bear the brunt of the Gaza conflict, according to UNICEF.

India's poorest (women and children) are kicked while they are down.

Nepalese journalist who reported on women's rights issues hacked to death by 15 men, in full view of other residents of her home.


Happy inaguration day. Now let's get back to work.

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