silly me

i just had to comment on this, even though it's mostly old news at this point...

"Italian Terry Schiavo"

so, mr. berlusconi, you're telling me- this woman's family has no right to make medical decisions on her behalf...
and the reason is- because her ovaries/uterus are still functioning the point where a baby could be produced? (due solely to the life support system she's been on for 17 years).

shouldn't SHE have some say in that?
and, you know, since she's brain dead...i honestly don't think she's going to be real keen on the idea of being impregnated like a piece of livestock.
i heard a term- "state rape"- to describe this hideous possibility.

silly me. i guess a woman's own ovaries aren't actually hers anyway.
(especially if she uses them to have 14 children and she's poor, in which case- she should be ashamed of herself!)

the point being- the state/the church/society wants to own every woman's reproductive system. socialism indeed.

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