weekend update

juarez girls beware- 18 teens missing in 14 months. no bodies have been found, unlike the PREVIOUS wave of female abductions, in which many of the women were found tortured, raped, and mutilated.

domestic abuse escalates to 5 fatal killings in cleveland. wife, sister in law and 3 children shot by davon crawford. FIND HIM.

and across the atlantic, pretty much the same story: malik mannan stabbed his wife Sabina Akhtar. this comes months after she reported him to the police, he was arrested, released on bail, allowed to violate his bail conditions and finally cleared of all charges. smart move, CPS.

and a bonus rape story- wherein the victim is "quizzed" by the opposing lawyer about what she was wearing at the time of the "alleged" rape. aaah, very wise grasshopper- if she was wearing anything other than a burkha, she was obviously asking for it!!!!

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