worldwide headlines, just from today:

faces of rape in rwanda
"more than a hundred thousand Rwandan women raped in 1994 by Hutu militia fighters who embarked on a killing spree and slaughtered nearly a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus."

oakland cop killer is also suspected of serial rape
"Mixon was linked by DNA to the February rape of a 12-year-old girl who was dragged off the street at gunpoint in the East Oakland neighborhood"

seattle serial rapist convicted
Prosecutors say Thompson broke in, raped for her hours, doused her with bleach to hide his crime 

south carolina rapist and murder wants to be sentenced to death
Inman -- who had spent most of his adult life in prison after raping a Florida woman -- stalked Souers and broke into her apartment as the 20-year-old, engineering student from a St. Louis suburb slept. Inman forced Souers to have sex with him and then strangled her with a bikini top.

17-year-old maryland boy rapes 7-year-old girl
"The girl was later found at the sitter's home and she told the sitter a man asked for help getting into his home and he sexually assaulted her there."

british rape suspect at large 

the all caps are not intended to represent yelling...they're an attempt to be as clear as possible about the truth, the reality, of rape. everywhere. every day. rape is a weapon of war. even in places that aren't at war- ALL women are always at war. always on the defense. always in danger. 

and a few headlines regarding false rape accusations/aquittals. 

pepple beach, ca man pleads not guilty of 3 rape charges
washington man aquitted of rape in park
olympia, washington man exonerated based on DNA evidence

false convictions are not what anyone wants. but in all of these cases, women were still raped. a false conviction does not negate the crime, but that's exactly how some people view overturned convictions or false ID's.  here's an analysis of this topic i like... 
"the large majority of reported rapes never lead to convictions at all; and, since false rape reports probably have less evidence supporting them than true rape reports, it seems likely that they lead to convictions even less often. Even true rape reports, unfortunately, are unlikely to lead to a conviction; how much more unlikely when the report is fiction? ... None of this is to suggest that it’s ever acceptable to make a false rape report; that a falsely accused man doesn’t suffer unjustly even if there is no conviction; or that any number of false accusations and convictions - however small - is acceptable. Nonetheless, the speculations by some men’s rights activists that there is a nationwide epidemic of men falsely imprisoned for rape don’t seem well founded."

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