when i say epidemic...

i really mean EPIDEMIC.

turkish women play soccer and face hostility and antiquated ideas about the propriety of women playing this 'traditionally' men's sport. Wouldn't want to ruin their posture, you know.

indian women are 3x as likely as indian men to be killed by fire, often as a result of domestic disputes. They are being set.on.fire.

"serve and protect" apparently meant rape and betray, to these two nyc police officers. they entered the girl's building twice after they brought her home intoxicated? what could they possibly have needed to do for her (after she was probably passed out, if she was as drunk as reported) that necessitated their return, twice?

women's shelters are considered foreign intrusion into afghan society. just like the idea that women are human beings deserving of equal rights is a 'foreign intrusion', right?

and, lest any of us think that things are really getting any better...

congo: 8-year-old girl left incontinent by repeated rape by soldiers. "In some cases, the rapists have violated their victims with loaded guns and pulled the triggers."

sudan: former sudanese soldier admits being forced (upon threat of his own death) to rape children in darfur. "Aid workers say millions of women in Darfur ... live in fear of rape 24 hours a day." "In some [displacement] camps, ... rape had become so common that as many as 20 babies a month born from rape were being abandoned."

rape is a weapon of war, because violating, mutilating and abusing women is literally shattering- to the woman, her family, her community. it's a fact. rape is a crime of HATE. women are hated- not just in sudan, or the congo, but all over the world, in the good ol' u.s. of a. every day. simply for being women.

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