the international round up

sometimes, even though my whole point with this blog is to draw attention to the reality of sexism and violence against women, headlines seem distant, impersonal. the challenge for today- take out the names of the other countries in these stories, and replace them with the name of your county/state/city/neighborhood. 

senegalese women don't even know a law exists to prosecute abusers.  violence here includes: domestic violence, rape, polygamy, female circumcision and the forced marriage of girls as young as nine years old. 

florida's front lines against domestic abuse. 

welsh red tape holds up any real efforts to stop abuse. 

afghan student sentenced first to death, then 20 years in prison instead- for circulating an essay on women's rights. 

u.n. chief ban ki-moon warns that the cost of violence against women is beyond calculation. 

president obama calls fair pay, child care, family leave economic issues, not just women's issues. new appointments- white house council on women and girls, and ambassador-at-large for international women's issues. 

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