i read these stories, and i always think to myself- why is this such a hard concept for some men to grasp? would YOU like to be raped? would YOU like to be shot and killed? would YOU like to be beaten by your spouse? then stop doing it to women!!!!!

kansas students are warned to be careful on spring break- 13 women have been raped, over 8 years...how many more will be violated before the predator is stopped??

man shoots wife for "fearing" she was being unfaithful, and then shoots innocent bystander.

commentary on gender violence and its roots. abusers channel all negative emotions into anger and rage, rather than dealing with them.

6-year old girl's rapist & murder is convicted. not a drop of remorse shown.

creston, IA rape trial ends with conviction of two former police officers for the rape of a bartender. (i wonder what life around town is like for her these days? in a town the size of creston, these were probably men with status. i wouldn't be surprised if the victim is being victimized even more for accusing them and refusing to be silenced.)

and the most impressive (i.e. horrific, mind-boggling, enraging) story today- London cab driver guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting hundreds of passengers. this seriously gives me shivers.

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